Professional Coaching

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Traditional coaching methods such as the G.R.O.W , FUEL, ACHIEVE, GAINS, model etc do not necessary translate well in a technical/niche environment. This is because the coaching requires both the coach and the coachee to understand very specific information such as the coachees industry, environment, unique situation, a host of other factors to really provide the right insights for the coachee.

Most conventional coaching solutions rely on time bound milestones for achievement take far too long to see results. Performatize’s coaching model works by focusing on real world data and results.

Coaching should not only be geared toward general soft skills or leadership competencies, but also toward individual competency gaps or personal performance improvement plans. For example, if a sales rep is great at planning but needs to improve on his or her closing tactics, your coaching solution should not only help you identify this, but also then provide specific training and coaching in that area.


Have a specific team member that needs help? Has a manager or leader not been able to bring his staff along? Do you have an individual in your team that needs specific competencies developed? Performatize individual coaching guarantees an improvement of specific competency results in just ONE month. Results of individualized coaching shows significant increase in employee engagement, increased accountability and improved long term motivation


To take your teams to a whole new level Performatize’s team coaching will focus on getting your team to

  • Overcome troublesome challenges, whether it be market and/or  environmental challenges, communication breakdowns and team cohesion.
  • Improve processes, breakdown silos and achieve goals
  • Work to deliver on specific projects on target on time and within budget.

Understand their unique strengths as team and improve cohesion to generate higher productivity.

  • Overcome troublesome challenges, facing the team as a whole or a specific individual
  • Identify workable and agreed upon milestones to ensure consistent team performance
  • Working on specific projects to achieve the desired group outcome
  • Understand their unique strengths as team and improve cohesion to generate higher productivity