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Performatize (Performance + Optimize) is Asia’s foremost performance and results based- learning &development company. Where other providers waiver on their commitment towards final results for the learners is where we succeed. Beginning with your business end in mind, we take your teams through the entire learning journey to ensure both returns on expectations (ROE) and return on investment (ROI). Whether you’re a start-up that’s looking to develop and coach your teams or an established business looking to enable your entire workforce, Performatize has the perfect learning & development solution for you.

Our focus is on driving your performance.

How? Continuous training, coaching and consulting solutions that are tied into your business processes, catered specific to your industry, your company values, your team and unique requirements.

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Arvind Rampal
Principal- Human Capital Development
  • Masters in Business Administration, University of Nottingham, UK (current)
  • Certified Professional Trainer: Malaysian Human Resource Development Fund
  • Prof. Member, Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM)
  • Bachelor of Commerce Accounting, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Diploma in Business Studies Charles Sturt University, Australia

Arvind Rampal is a renowned trainer, TedX speaker and passionate human capital development professional having many years of experience in the professional training industry across the region. He specializes in the training of executive teams and managers in the field of Leadership Development, Performance Management, Organizational Development, Business Development and Strategy Execution.

He was formerly the Managing Director of Qatar Skills Academy, the most established professional training provider in Qatar where he drove the development of an entire stream of human capital development services across professional training, consulting and industry technical training programmes in the Middle East. Prior to that he was the Regional Director of the International Institute of Human Capital, a multinational firm where he developed and executed over hundreds of training and human capital development projects across the Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific regions. The nature of the clientele he engaged with ranged across Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Retail, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing industries.

The nature of his training programs are solution focused, case study and data driven, interactive and grounded to simulate work-place application for immediate and sustained results.

Michael Stellwag
Head of Practice- Marketing & Customer Experience

Michael is a commercially focused digital media expert with 24 years of experience managing social media management & marketing, business intelligence, marketing and web analytics. He serves as  marketing performance and customer experience  Head of Practice for  Performatize.  Having worked with some of the most renown airlines and  in a variety of company cultures including Wall Street. Michael has delivered new life and ideas into the brands of his many clients.

He developed Qatar Airways’​ social media strategy & positioning from scratch, eventually bringing the airline into the #3 position in the airline industry on Facebook (based on fan-base), #1 on Pinterest and top 7 on both Instagram and LinkedIn. He has served as advisor and consultant to numerous Fortune 500 and blue chip companies and contributes his expertise to Performatize.

Derek Hendrikz
Head of Practice- Strategy & Leadership

Derek Hendrikz contributes his experience as an  internationally renowned strategic leadership and organisational performance specialist to Performatize. Derek has 20 years experience and has worked in 23 countries worldwide. He specializes in the training of executive teams and is mostly contracted to train executives, managers and departmental teams in the field of leadership and management, strategy development and implementation, performance management (PM), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), process-based risk management, process-based costing and other business management areas. Within consulting, Derek has undertaken a myriad of projects, but holds highest acclaim for his work in the development of organisational strategy and performance measurement.

Derek futhermore trains in the vicinity of 3000 highly satisfied customers per year and over the past 20-years has worked with more than 170 companies and has trained more than 50 000 participants in various work sessions.

Jessvin Kaur
Operations & Administration
  • Masters in Community Health Science (Occupational Health), University Kebangsaan Malaysia.
  • Bachelors of Science(Honors) (Biochemistry), University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • Certified Trainer-National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Being a certified professional trainer and having over a decade of experience in lecturing in esteemed local and international academic institutions, Jessvin joins Performatize bringing her expertise to support it’s operations, training coordination and event management functions.

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